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Satisfied Clients

Airborne Instruments Laboratory
Accu-Sort Systems, Inc.
American Institute of Industrial Engineers (Los Angeles)
American Management Association
Australian Management Association
Baldwin Chamber of Commerce
Baldwin Public Schools
Benrus Watch Company
Berkeley Enterprises
BETAC Corporation
Blue Fleet Distributors
CACI, Inc.
Coromant Engineering, Inc.
Computer Aided Manufacturing International (CAM-I)
Computers and People Magazine
Computer and Systems Association (SME)
Crown Carting, Inc.
Grumman Aerospace Corporation
Grumman Data Systems Corporation
Hofstra University
Hunters Point Community Council
Hunters Point Community Development Corp.
International Industrial Exchange, Pty. Ltd.
International Playtex
Kollsman Instrument Corporation
Kooltronics, Inc.
Loral Electronic Systems
Management Information Systems, Pty. Ltd. (Australia)
Matthews International Corp.
Mead-Johnson and Company
Merritt Chapman and Scott, Corporation
Monarch Marking Company
NCR Corporation
New York Institute of Technology
New York Technical College
PIC Design Corporation
Raymond-Dravo-Langenfelder, Inc.
Republic Aviation Corporation
Republic Electronics
Sandvik, A.B.
Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
Sperry Gyroscope Company
Standard Oil of Indiana
Universal Technology Corporation
US Air Force
US Army 
     Adv Concepts Team 
     Logistics Eval Agency
     Packaging Agency
     New Cumberland Depot
US Navy
     Chief Naval Material 
     Mechanicsberg Depot 
     Man Tech Office
Van Itallie Company
Victoria Employers Federation
Waldes Kohinoor, Inc.
Waldes y Compania (Spain)