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Technology Location and Transfer

Communication of sophisticated technologies among potential users is a problem of matching economies of scale.  In our dealings with clients, we learned client's were not using new technologies and research because:

1. The task of defining technology was too complex and frightening for smaller business.

2. The methodology of TECHNOLOGY TRANSITIONING is so distributed and diverse that few small
businesses have the time or resources to look for technology.

3. Technology is defined in such sophisticated ways that few want the task of breaking away the small
module they need from the mammoth system usually encasing it.

Sobczak research demonstrates that creativity is not a part of existing routine. Our idea was developed
to provide smaller industry an opportunity to use technologies to the greatest extent possible.  Using a
method we call Segment Indexed Integrated Data Base (SIID) Sobczak indexes, organizes and tags like
or nearly alike technologies regardless of where originated.  Technologies are compared to the client''s
need or his capability to market and the appropriate technology is chosen.  Sobczak, for example,
converted a plating process for company A into a universal plating product that generates a consistent
revenue stream.

We have worked in close liaison with the Advanced Technical Planning Committee of CAM-I and the US
Army.  Our research has produced a direct approach to the commercialization of technology for easy
transfer to small business.  Sobczak produced 80% of the IITRI Research Institute Productivity Center
publications concerning technology transfer during the 1970/80s.

Research into the location of data bases has led to the cataloging of more than 500 different public
sources that can be tapped by those seeking new technologies or seeking to learn if their  product is

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