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Understanding the aggressor

Sobczak is one of the foremost researchers involved in defining the psychology of the hacker, cracker
and telephone phreaker.  He creates computer security schema for PC, minicomputer and main frame
devices.  His knowledge is unique in that he uses the techniques of intrusion and aggression against
their proponents.

Sobczak is a recognized security provider.  ISPNews published an overview of Sobczak's hacker studies.  Federal Computer Week told their readers about how Sobczak intelligence research ferrets out spies and data thieves.  Electronic Combat Report and Inside Defense Electronics reported upon software weapons Sobczak located or created to test active response to intrusion attempts viability.  Business Week editorialized that the dirty tricks' Sobczak identified should be outlawed.  Information Week addressed V-PHAGE (a Sobczak creation) in a feature about LAN security.  Newsweek references
Sobczak in a story about technology losses to open source intelligence hobbyists who pirate knowledge.  TIME referenced and used Sobczak's research as the basis for Doug Weller's CYBERWAR cover story.

Sobczak's methods are as follows:

1.  MANAGEMENT OVERVIEW - Informed consultation about the nature of current threats, risks and
vulnerabilities that affect business.  We explain the importance of contingency planning and the growing
legal and regulatory pressures that mandate an effective disaster recovery capability.

2. DISASTER PREVENTION - Clients learn the techniques that prevent individuals and groups from
denying or destroying your ability to work.

3. IMPACT ASSESSMENT - We analyze the critical nature of client operations to specify the losses that
might be experienced from disruption or delay of processing time sensitive information.

4. REQUIREMENTS DETERMINATION - We provide guidance defining contingency planning needs
specific to client operations.  This guidance allows clients to formulate policy, standards and procedures
consistent with the critical nature of client data and organizational needs.  We establish employee trust

5. RECOVERY PLANS - We develop a formal written instruction set, so that anyone designated, can
execute normal operations with minimum disruption.  The plan mandates team based recovery.
Procedures describe, in detail, the role of each recovery team member.

6. CONVERSION AND APPLICATION - We diagram methods to execute client alternative operations
capability.  Thus defining specific actions and individual responsibilities to ensure coordinated effort via
clearly designed lines of communications when an emergency disrupts  operations.

7. RESTORATION - We define critical activities necessary to resuming normalized operations and the
alternate systems available to achieve normalcy. Our initial Impact Assessment is tuned to neutralize
specific damage to processes by ensuring quick return to conventional operation practices.

8. SUBCONTRACTOR  IMPLICATIONS - We identify contract processing organizations, intra industry
fall back arrangements and a network of skilled individuals to protect against unnecessary disruption of
normal operations during an emergency.

9. PLAN MAINTENANCE - Sobczak will conduct an initial review of the plan 90 days after acceptance
and then return periodically on a timed basis. This to ensure a clients plans for backup and recovery
remains current and workable.

10. TRAINING AND ORIENTATION - We educate employees, key to regular operations, to ensure the
recovery plan is thoroughly begun.

Sobczak assures that clients are aware and ready to maximize their internal security needs.

To learn how Thomas V. Sobczak and TVSConsultants
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