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Free Enterprise Intelligence

Sobczak locates hard to find information since 1975.  Dr. Sobczak conceived a process that he used in service to the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force and the Department of Defense.  His methods have attracted interest from the FBI, CIA, and  Secret Service.  His exploits have been documented with service to the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force and the Department of Defense.  His successes are discussed in Business Week, Newsweek, Federal Computer Week, Information Week, Defense Daily and Security Intelligence Report.

During Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm Dr. Sobczak contributed sources that helped US Special Operations Command (CENTCOM) in achieving mission objectives.  Using his intelligence gathering techniques, Dr. Sobczak has identified data losses for Bear Stearns, Shearson Lehman, EDS Corporation and General Motors.

Sobczak intelligence gathering can support corporations, who seek to assure that corporate secrets are intact.  Assignments involve land line telephone, microwave, cellular telephone,  wireless and satellite.

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